Peace, Be Still

Stand strong despite the storm...
Stand strong despite the storm

I’m having trouble finding peace right now. So maybe I’m not the best person to write about the necessity of peace in your life. Or maybe I am. I’m going to talk about what I know I should be doing in these tumultuous moments, and hopefully through that, we can all get closer to where we need to be.

As a Christian I go first to Christ to find my peace (at least I should). I’m reminded of how despite the storm raging outside of the ship, Jesus was sleeping soundly inside. I’m reminded how everyone around him were completely melting down, in an actual storm that threatened their lives. I’m reminded of how they did this despite literally being in the presence of God. I’m reminded how I do the same thing everyday. I have so much around me that reminds me of God’s peace and goodness, yet I find myself feeling overwhelmed by my personal storm.

So I am re-committing to what I know about storms, and how to get through them. Here is what I know from personal experience:

  • Storms happen for a reason – wait it, stay faithful, and think about the sunshine on the other side
  • Storms are temporary – even when it doesn’t feel like they are
  • God is still in control – He’s not the list bit rattled or surprised by what seems to be out of the blue
  • Other people are experiencing the same storm, or a similar storm  – I can seek support and solace in my relationships until it’s over
  • The last storm didn’t take me out, neither will this one, so I still have a lot of value on this Earth.

So whether you are challenged by a difficult relationship, or assignment, or job, or loss, hang in there. If for no other reason than to say you did, hang in there. Share this with someone who may need it, and let me know if we can help each other through our storms.

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