We Should All Be So Bold


Watch the world’s best perform. The best anything, athlete, musician, educator, scientist. You can turn your TV on right now and see the world’s best doing what they love. It’s not just the physicality of what they do, though that is remarkable. But watch their faces. Watch how their very souls come out in the work they are doing. I see this despite the gender of the performer, and despite the particular sport. There is a grit and joy in what they do. What is most amazing is they do it without shame or concern for what others think. No matter how silly they may look (some sillier than others honestly), or how they contort their bodies and faces in ways others may not understand or quite appreciate, they do it anyway. No shame – it is all left on the court/ice/slopes. I love that. They do what they do with such grace, passion, and commitment that it inspires me to do and be better. I have to ask you to do and be better too.


What if we brought this same energy to the work we do; the relationships we build; our businesses; our ministries? We could all be Olympians in that respect, and the world would that much better. That to me is the goal. To be expert and excellent at being my best possible self, and doing my best possible work. It requires a level of self awareness, commitment to who you are, and unashamed joy to do it. Check out these Olympians doing what they do, and challenge yourself to do it too.

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