Why Not a Video Game?

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My good friend and now co-founder Cole Morrison snatched my attention with that question. Actually there was more to it. He said:

“If a Good Book, Song, or Movie Can Change a Person’s Life…Why Not A Video Game?”

Well why not indeed? Video games have all the amazing elements needed to capture the imagination, engage people in learning, and teach people new skills – if done properly. Unfortunately, many games now focus way too much on addiction, quick revenue generation, and an obsession with profit at any cost. Patricia Hernandez from one of the top gaming blogs Kotaku gets it, and talks about why she is rallying for shorter games.

So, as Cole and I are both gamers, and we both are fascinated with personal growth and development, why not combine the two?! That’s just what we have done. In our first adventure RPG, Project Recreate, we have designed a game that has all the elements gamers want to see in a game, and one that will teach you more about your personality and how to put that to work in the real world. So you play, you learn, you put it into action. Play again if you’d like, the storyline adapts as you play so that you can learn about different aspects of personality as you play. We have no intention of you becoming addicted. In fact, if you are addicted, we hope that you can see that there is a “hero” in all of us, we just have to learn how to tap into our superpower! If you are not addicted, the message is the same – learn more about yourself and put that knowledge to work. Now that’s what I call having your cake and eating it too.

*cake not included with the game.

Sign up to play the demo and give us feedback at http://projectrecreate.com

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