It has been months since I posted last, and that’s unfortunate. My life has taken many turns since September or so of 2012. Without doing a bunch of catching up, I’d rather just pick back up with creating content through sharing my insights and ah-has. Sharing is the least I can do. This post is about gratitude.

I am sitting in Boulder, CO (actually Louisville, CO – ironically enough) with a person I value a great deal, working on something we care a great deal about. I am grateful that I have a friend like this. I am grateful that I have a partner at home that allows and enables me to explore, experiment, challenge myself, and grow. I am grateful for the people in this community that shared their time with me today. And I am grateful to God and my family that has given me the strength and permission to be where I am in my life. I am grateful to have choices, options, and the sense to take advantage of those two things.

Spend some time thinking about what you are grateful for. Name it, own it, and never forget the alternative. Mindfulness about the blessings we have make the challenges in our life seem manageable. So why don’t we all spend more time being grateful? Start now.

Dr. Anthony

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