You Are Stronger Than You Think

It has been about two months since I last blogged, and I have missed it a great deal. I have much to say about my life and my ah-ha’s over the last two months, but I want to start with focusing on those reading this. I am preparing to do a webinar on responding to bias incidents on college campuses tomorrow, and due to some other student crises I’ve been managing as of late, I think it’s important to share a quote that resonates when doing this work. It is also particularly powerful as students prepare to tackle finals and face commencement. Facing uncertain job markets and being unsure of yourself can be debilitating, even for the most accomplished of us. So these words are for you:

“I can be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it. In the face of such uncertainty believe in these two things – you are stronger than you think, and you are not alone.”

~Maya Angelou

To all those recent initiates into fraternities and sororities I know you understand the value of these words. What the master poet Maya Angelou reminds us of, is that we can do so much more than we think. And that if we just take a moment to look around, there is help everywhere. So despite your trials and struggles right now – take some ownership in the great work you have done thus far, and take a moment to count (literally count) your blessings and friends. If you are short in the “true friends” category, then it’s time to make some new ones. In the meantime lean on me and others like me to be a sounding board and word of encouragement as you transition yet again from one chapter to the next. Take care people, of yourself and each other, and never forget your own strength.Image


Published by Dr. Michael D. Anthony

I currently serve as the Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, IL. I served as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Louisville and Loyola University in Chicago, IL. In order to expand my life's work beyond my day-to-day job, I started my own consulting work in leadership and diversity in 2008. I completed my Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development at the University of Louisville, where I also earned my Master of Arts degree in Higher Education Administration. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from North Carolina State University. A native of Charlotte, NC I am passionate about leadership development, organizational change, and the ability of effective leaders to transform their communities. During my professional career I have made it my personal goal to be a strong and vocal advocate for students, faculty, and staff, and have a life-long vision to empower others to affect positive change in their community. I live in Rochester, MN.

3 thoughts on “You Are Stronger Than You Think

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Because lately I had been questioning a lot of things. My future plans, etc. I mean I believe that I’ve come a long way from where I was before … And I’m thankful .. but where I wanna be is going to take a longer time .. I started feeling discouraged bcuz I have graduated and I just didn’t know what to do next … I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to go about it .. I thought my past mistakes would come back and haunt me .. and just mess up my future plans. I have connections and just don’t use them because it doesn’t necessarily line up with what I want to do, and what I feel my purpose is. So that’s where a lot of the discouragement came from.

    But after reading this … It has given me a lot more *life* so to speak … And I kudos you Dr. Anthony for what you are doing on campus and in the community


    1. Be blessed Christiana! You are a good one trust me. Activate those networks and step into what you need to do. All paths lead to where you are supposed to be! Thanks for the comment and kind words:)


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