Good Thoughts

If simple words can start and end wars, then thoughts can be so much more powerful. As students, thoughts can be the difference between you making it, or completely failing. In fact, the right thoughts are central to your success.

Think about it (forgive the pun); you don’t need physical prowess to do this school thing, nor do you have to be all that smart necessarily, take for example ________ (fill in the blank…you know who I’m talking about! We all have a _______).  So what is it, what’s the big secret? The “completers” in this journey to the degree have persistence, confidence, self-esteem, a healthy dose of ego, and above all else belief – all the offspring of good thoughts, and good thinking. All great performers experience a mental certainty that they will finish the race. This is known before they ever start.

Spend more time affirming yourself, and if you can’t do it, find somebody who can and will. Walk in the certainty that you can do it (“it” being whatever goal you have in front of you). This is not simple pop psychology here, it’s fundamental truth. I think, therefore I am – so what are you thinking?

More on the darker side of thoughts next time…

Dr. Anthony

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