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Thinking of earning a college degree (Associates, Bachelor’s, Masters, or Doctorate)? I’d like to help you do that…keep reading and contact me!

My personal vision and mission is to empower people to affect positive change in their lives and communities. Oftentimes people see earning a post-secondary degree as that next step. I help coach students to – and through – their higher education goals.

I have worked at both two-year and four-year colleges and universities. I have served across several student support functional areas, taught in the classroom at a public community college and at public and private universities.  This means that as a practitioner and faculty member with ten years of experience in higher education, I know what it takes to be successful within any college setting, and at any level. It’s not enough for me to know this and go to work everyday, I want to help others in their quest for success in higher education.

Whether you are thinking of a 2-year degree, or a PhD; whether you know you want to go to school or are unsure of taking the first step – let me help you think through that. Just send me an email with your questions, concerns, or thoughts about college, and let me help you navigate closer to your goals!

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